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80/20 in Twenty Chai!

Usually, I would have started this column by sharing a healthy recipe encouraging good food choices and nutritional tips, but this year I’m attempting something slightly different. For the New Year (and in life in general) I believe in a ratio of 80/20 in everything we do, and everything that we eat. One must be…


Education Directory

BASIS Charter Schools 20 schools in Arizona 480-289-2088 • enrollbasis.com Come tour one of our campuses to learn more about the BASIS Curriculum. BASIS charter schools feature a critically-acclaimed liberal arts curriculum that inspires students to love learning, to develop a fascination for critical inquiry, to be independent and formulate their own goals, and to…


A special bakery in Scottsdale

Truth be known, I’m not really sure if the business name of this shop is Jerusalem Bakery or Lior the Baker. Both monikers are proudly displayed and are equally descriptive of who and what you will find inside. It’s a cozy little place, family run, with glass cases and tables of goodies beckoning you to…


Art teaches us about tikkun olam

In 2017’s movie “Wonder,” a little boy named Auggie with a rare medical facial deformity endures relentless bullying at school. Mr. Browne, his fifth-grade teacher, introduces the class to precepts. The first one is “When given the chance to be right or be kind, choose kind.” Unfortunately, Auggie’s classmates do not make kindness their first…


Arizona Fine Art EXPO returns

When Beth Benowich first began making jewelry nearly 14 years ago, her goal was simple – to fill up her jewelry box. Today, she is an acclaimed jeweler and successful entrepreneur who helps others fill their jewelry boxes with her contemporary necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants. Beth is one of nearly 100 artists who…


Three options for dressing like a star

In Phoenix, we don’t see the snowy white weather our favorite holiday movies are made of, but that shouldn’t stop us from making bold fashion choices like the big screen beauties in our favorite romantic comedies. Cooler weather calls for staples such as chunky sweaters, beautiful coats and boots. But this season, I challenge you…

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