Articles by Mala Blomquist


Matzah house craft

Building a matzah house can be both a fun project for the little ones and it can double as a centerpiece for seder. You can use your imagination and creativity to create a house as simple or elaborate as you please. The best part is, you probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry…


Ike Davis: ready to take the field

Ike Davis always believed he would be a professional athlete. He was an athletic child and participated in all sports. “I really enjoyed playing basketball, but you have to be really tall. I am tall – just not in a basketball sense,” says Ike. “I thought the farthest a sport could really take me would…


A couple of couples who met at camp

Many couples have met and fallen in love at a Jewish summer camp. Here are two couples’ special stories of how they met their perfect match “one summer at camp…” Alison and Michael Feinberg Michael Feinberg had been going to Camp Ramah in California since he was 11 years old. The first year he missed…


Keeping with the Eb Flow of Design

Designing duo Elana Lathan and Breyan Sussman have been working together for seven years as Eb Flow Design Group. Their extensive backgrounds – Elana’s in healthcare and commercial design and Breyan’s in residential design – have allowed this pair of talented designers to combine their talents to take on more commercial projects. Their latest is…

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