Articles by Masada Siegel

Every Marriage Has a Special Story

The Greek dramatist Aeschylus is famously quoted as saying, “Marriage is a three-ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering.” However, from ancient times to today, people keep falling in love and pledging to spend their lives together, regardless of the challenges married couples face. In celebration of marriage here are three couples, each with…

Looking for her prince

The old adage you have to kiss a lot of frogs till you find your prince rings a bell. In Sedona, there is a statue at the Tlaquepaque shopping plaza of a frog, which many single women have posed with. Tess Suchoff would be happy to find her prince, and she certainly is a catch….

Fishing for a date

Dating is like fishing. All the elements need to be in place for success. It is about the excellent weather conditions, luck, timing and placing oneself in the right location to reel in a catch. The sky was filled with puffy white clouds, and this exceptionally attractive man seemed to look into my soul with…

Hebrew High Connects with Teens

Over the past few decades thousands of Jewish teenagers in Arizona have attended Hebrew High, where they not only learned fascinating facts about their heritage and studied Hebrew for credit, they also made enduring friendships. Hebrew High’s programs bring Jewish students together from all walks of life. Students have varied points of view and religious upbringing…

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