Recipes from the “Hungry Girl”

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien has “swapped” out traditional ingredients for more healthy ones in some favorite Jewish dishes. For more fabulous recipes and heathly-eating tips and tricks, visit Floosh’s Stuffed Cabbage (pictured above) Ingredients Cabbage 1 extra-large head green cabbage (large enough to yield 14 large leaves), core carefully removed with a sharp knife…


It’s not Hanukkah without the sufganiyot

Hanukkah starts at sundown on Dec. 2, but it’s been sufganiyot season in Israel for the past several weeks. Israelis consume an estimated 24 million of these deep-fried, jelly-filled holiday treats in the weeks leading up to the Festival of Lights. But where did this tradition of eating jelly doughnuts on Hanukkah originate? Fried foods…


Chef’s Corner: Spicing up comfort food

I love comfort food and everything it represents. Growing up in Arizona, I was so fortunate to be exposed to both American and Mexican cuisine. These foods tickle my nose with nostalgic childhood memories from my mother’s Sonoran-style cooking to the traditional burger and fries. As I have gotten older, I have refined my taste…


Healthy snacking made fun and tasty

Active lifestyles require nutrition to support your body; now snacks can be part of that healthy diet. Two women have introduced options for flavorful, fun snacks that have enough protein to fuel your active life. Energy Bars Triathlete and outdoors enthusiast Kellie Lee began researching clean eating as she sought new ways of fueling her…

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