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Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner

I love one-pot wonders…and sheet pan wonders! Protein, vegetables and a side starch all cook together in the oven. Depending on the season, feel free to swap out almost any vegetable for the peppers, like carrots, broccoli, Brussels sprouts or anything else you have on hand. Simple cooking method, easy clean up, big-time flavor. What…


Splash and Dash at Tucson JCC

The Tucson Jewish Community Center will host the only USA Triathlon Splash and Dash Youth Aquathlon Series in Arizona and the Southwest on Sunday, Aug. 21. Tucson is one of 45 cities across the United States designated to host a Splash and Dash event, which was created by USA Triathlon to introduce youth to a…



JERUSALEM – Leading international breast cancer researchers attending a Soroka Medical Center and Israel Healthcare Foundation symposium addressing the question: “Should Ashkenazi Jews or even the general population be tested routinely for inherited predisposition to breast cancer?” concluded that the current testing model focusing on family history isn’t working and that data shows that half…


Healthy Hydration

With our summer temperatures already in the triple digits and this weekend expected to reach record-breaking heat, keeping hydrated is a top priority. Some of us reach for sports drinks to replenish our electrolytes and quench our thirst, thinking that these are a healthy alternative to other beverages. What you may not know is that…


Jewish Yoga

Unity of body, mind and spirit is an ancient concept manifested in many cultures. In Judaism, an ideal conduit between the two can be found in Jewish-themed yoga (sometimes referred to as Aleph Bet yoga), which integrates spiritual approaches to physical and spiritual well-being. In this mystical modality, Hebrew letters have deep spiritual meaning, and…

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