Kristallnacht: 80 years later

 This week is the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, a two-day Nazi-sanctioned riot against Jews in Germany and Austria. On Nov. 7 at a Jewish ceremony was held at a Jewish school in Berlin marked the anniversary with lighting of Yahrzeit candles. At that event Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal said that the answer to “the evil of…


Survivor’s reunion in Paris

Pictured above: Charlotte with her brother, Max, find their mother’s name on the Wall of Names at the Shoah Memorial (Memorial de la Shoah) in France. Charlotte Adelman says her father, Hershel, had a talent to “foresee things.” The one thing he did not foresee was what would happen to his family in Paris in…


Survivor’s reunion in Paris – part deux

Pictured above: Charlotte Adelman with Alain Quatreville. On July 7, Charlotte Adelman set out on a remarkable journey to Paris, France to be reunited with the son of the family that hid her during the Holocaust (for more on that story click here). She traveled with members of her family including her daughter and son-in-law,…


Americans and the Holocaust

In January 1939, the Jewish organization Brith Sholom asked Philadelphia couple Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus to go to Nazi Germany in order to rescue 50 Jewish children. The Krauses, who were Jewish, made the dangerous journey to Nazi-occupied Vienna to choose the children and bring them to the United States to live with foster families….


Reminiscences of a Volunteer

Photo from left: Manley after arriving at Kibbutz Dafna in June, 1967 and Manley today. It was June 5, 1967. I awoke to an eerie, loud wail coming in through an open window. The room was bright, the sunshine pouring in through the window. Through sleepy, half-open eyes, I peered around the large room I…


Kim Klett teaches importance of Human Rights

“Human rights matter no matter who you are.” That is the driving philosophy of Kim Klett, an English teacher at Mesa’s Dobson High School. Inspired by an Arizona State University class in Holocaust literature and history in 1999, she felt compelled to share her newfound knowledge and insights with her students. She envisioned an educational…


Goldwater’s Fine Department Store

In the mid-1940s through the 1980s, Goldwater’s was a very fine department store with locations in downtown Phoenix, Park Central Mall and Scottsdale Fashion Square. As with other Arizona businesses, its roots lay in the history of the early Jewish pioneers who came to the West to make their fortunes. These men and women were…

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