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5 DIY Winter Home Repair Hacks

Photo courtesy of Getty Images Even if you’re not terribly handy, there are many simple household repairs that you can easily do yourself to avoid unnecessary time and expense. This is especially true in the winter, when little improvements can make a big difference in your comfort and energy consumption. If you’re like most people,…


This house feels so Wright

Pictured above: Two groups of outdoor furnishings in the back yard invite guests to linger by the pool, whose geometric shape complements that of the house. The dining table and chairs under the porch extend the indoors outside. Photos by Ken Hayden This 1978 Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home will soon be available for the next…


Milk, eggs, butter and…bulbs?

If you live in other parts of the country, the first sign of spring is the bulbs that you planted in the fall pushing through the thawed earth and signaling the beginning of warmer weather. In most parts of Arizona, we don’t have the low temperatures that certain bulbs need to stimulate their biochemical responses…


Feed the hungry hummingbirds

There are more than 300 species of hummingbirds, and they are all native to the Americas. Many dwell in the tropics, where flowers (their primary food source) are abundant year-round. Southern Arizona hosts more than a dozen species and is a migratory path as many head south to Mexico to spend the winter. The most…


Saving energy and staying cool

The heat of an Arizona summer – with temperatures reaching 110°F and above – can be enough to drive the thought of energy savings from one’s mind. Our modern electrical grids and homes are designed to keep inhabitants comfortable, and during a heat wave, the ability to cool down is a priceless luxury. Arizona natives…


The art of water-wise gardening

Making a few changes in your garden care can yield great benefits. Less time and water wasted means more time for you to relax or entertain friends and family in your beautiful landscape. Water is critical throughout the life of a plant, but deciding when and how much water to provide each plant can be…

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