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Cookie Conundrum

Full disclosure: I was never a Girl Scout. I will admit to a short stint as a Brownie. But I really couldn’t stand how bossy Angelise Haralumbus was, and since her mom was the troop leader, I gave it up pretty quickly. Plus, honestly, I wasn’t into the regalia. Brown just isn’t my color. But…


2018 Camp Directory

  DAY CAMPS Animal Camp at Arizona Animal Welfare League 15 N. 40th Place, Phoenix 602-273-6852 ext. 121 • aawl.org/camp Our campers will learn about animal veterinary needs or learn about the wide variety of animal jobs available (and the steps to get them!) or have a blast learning cool animal facts while using their…


Shemesh receives ACA accreditation

Pictured above: Shemesh Camp Director Megan Rich, left, and Youth Coordinator Ali Gates are excited that the Valley of the Sun JCC’s Shemesh Camps have received accreditation from the American Camp Association. In October 2017, Shemesh Summer Day Camp at the Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center received accreditation from the American Camp Association….


Fun new facilities for Arizona Sunrays

When children sign up for summer camp this year at Arizona Sunrays Gymnastics & Dance Center, they will have two new locations to choose from. The first is the Sunrays’ 34,000-square-foot gym at 15801 N. 32nd St. in Phoenix that opened in September of 2017 and the second is at 3923 E. Indian School Road…


Special needs camps in Arizona

For more than 100 years, organized camps have been serving individuals with special needs. In 1899, Emma Haskell, a Chicago teacher took her physically challenged students on a two-week camping trip. In 1901, she established a permanent site in Wisconsin for campers with special needs. These programs were the beginning of the camp community’s response…


31 Flavors

I am the opposite of a creature of habit. I never buy the same laundry detergent twice. I switch breakfast cereals each time I replenish my supply. I have never repeated the same nail polish color within a two-month time span. But there is one thing in this world about which I am completely consistent:…



Have you noticed your teen compulsively taking hot showers or baths lately? Has he been complaining of abdominal pain, nausea, or unexplainable vomiting? Well, there’s a new syndrome in town and it’s hard to recognize and diagnose, and maybe even harder to treat. As marijuana legalization spreads across the country, doctors are noticing an increase…


Sam Primack: Pursuing a dream

Sam Primack is a man with a plan. At a very early age, he fell in love with acting and has been pursuing his dream ever since he was introduced to the stage. “When I was 3 years old, my grandma took me to see a production of ‘Aladdin’ at Desert Stages Theatre in Scottsdale,…


Zachary’s story

I moved to Phoenix in 1999. It took me a while to find my place, connect with like-minded people, and tap into a thriving artistic community. I have to admit, at first I felt lost and alone. The first person I met who gave me hope that I could actually live and be happy in…

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