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Schmattees apparel line combines Jewish pride & humor

azithromycin over the counter Hipster or Hasidic? There’s no need to chose sides when you wear a shirt from Schmattees, a new apparel line whose designs combine a little bit of cheekiness and a whole lot of chutzpah.The 10-piece line of humorous t-shirts and sweatshirts combine Jewish culture and rituals, Yiddish expressions, eye-catching graphic design with current meme-linguistics. Slogans such as “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…Say It In Yiddish”, “Happy…

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7th Genocide Awareness Week – “Not On Our Watch”

Genocide Awareness Week is a series of lectures, exhibits and storytelling by distinguished survivors, scholars, politicians, activists, artists, humanitarians and members of law enforcement. This week-long event seeks to address how we, as a global society, confront violent actions and current and ongoing threats of genocide throughout the world, while also looking to the past…


Federation Notes: Purim, Holocaust & Hope

Purim is a celebration of Jewish deliverance. It recognizes Queen Esther’s courage to come forward as a Jew and convince her husband, the King of Persia, to spare her people from the extermination planned by the prime minister, Haman, who felt the Jewish leader Mordechai slighted him. As punishment, for his crimes, the bodies of…


Shopping for love

  If you’re looking for love this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget the grocery store. You might just pick up a date and the ingredients for a successful date night. According to a survey commissioned by ALDI, 32 percent of adults have gone on a date with someone they met at a grocery store or know…


Federation Notes: A Season of Hope

As things began to turn in Germany in the 1930s, both sets of my grandparents made the brave decision to leave behind their homes and all they knew to start anew in America. This past summer, as part of the Federation mission to Berlin and Budapest, I was the first member of my family to…


Federation Notes: Looking forward

As I complete my second year as CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix, I take great pride in where the organization is going.  We have concluded our 2018 development efforts and raised nearly $5 million, which includes a $3.5 million annual campaign – an increase of $100,000 over last year. To our generous…

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