When a Jewish person dies, there are clear directions as to how things should proceed with regard to the body, the burial, the funeral and mourning. The concept of honoring the dead is reflected in all Jewish burial customs. Burial takes place as soon as possible, sometimes within 24 hours after death, or as soon…


Resource Guide 2017-2018: Life Cycle

SIMCHA VENUES ARIZONA JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center Mel Kessler, Board President Dr. Lawrence Bell, Ph.D., Executive Director Jeffrey Schesnol, PMP, Ordained Madrikh, Associate Executive Director Stacy Faherty, Events Manager 122 E. Culver St., Phoenix 602-241-7870 • Beautifully restored historic venue is available for weddings, b’nai mitzvot and celebrations. Open to…



A series of rituals guide Jewish families and individuals through each stage of life. With the exception of the rituals surrounding death, each of the following stages is often accompanied by festive celebrations. Even the rituals surrounding death bring the community together to remember and honor the deceased and to support their family. The following…


Resource Guide 2016-2017: Lifecycle Listing

SIMCHA VENDORS MOLHO PHOTOGRAPHY Yaakov Molho, Partner Pinina Zober, Partner 111 E Dunlap Ave., #290, Phoenix 602-758-1621 Pinina 602-703-6775 Yaakov Yaakov and Pinina are professional photographers who work as a team and love what they do. They believe it is a privilege to capture emotions and visual family stories at a point in…

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