A taste of Italy

Whether it was called Franco’s Trattoria, or Franco’s Italian Caffe, for 30 years (off and on), there has been a Chef Franco Fazzuoli restaurant serving hungry Arizonans. There have been four different locations over the years, with each incarnation having a special offering. Franco’s Italian Caffe, in the heart of Scottsdale, is an intimate dining…


Chef’s Corner: Shakshuka, an Israeli specialty

May 1 is Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day. Celebrate the occasion by making shakshuka, a dish that closely competes with hummus and falafel as an Israeli staple. Originally introduced to Israel by Libyan and Tunisian Jews in the 1950s, shakshuka has since become a favorite for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Israel is truly a melting…


taste of Arizona: The Doughbird has landed!

Atop the site of a former decrepit Circle K, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, sits the newest creation from Fox Restaurant Concepts, Doughbird. If you have followed me on my journey through Valley restaurants, you already know I’m no fan of the focus-grouped, corporate-structured dining experience. (Shiver!) However, these Fox Concept guys have…


Taste of Arizona: Sonata’s Restaurant

Some of my earliest memories include hearing my maternal great-grandmother’s thick Russian accent (her name was Fanny) and my paternal grandmother (Bertha) singing lullabies to me in German. My Russian and German heritage helps to explain why I am genetically predisposed to enjoy the food at Sonata’s Restaurant in Scottsdale, a modern take on Eastern…


House of Tricks is all treats

Tucked away in downtown Tempe, there is a “secret garden” of sorts: House of Tricks, a charming, cottage-style restaurant with a disarming sense of nostalgia and a sense of whimsy. Owned by Temple Emanuel members Robin Trick and her husband Robert, this bucolic oasis is walking distance from the lively bustle of Mill Avenue and…


Chef’s Corner: Happy Campers

It’s hard to believe that we’re talking “camp” again. I haven’t even begun to think about what I’m doing next week, let alone this summer! But like most of us, we just get it done along with all the applications for schools and scholarships, not to mention filing our taxes. Personal assistant, anyone? I love…

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