Survivor’s reunion in Paris – part deux

Pictured above: Charlotte Adelman with Alain Quatreville. On July 7, Charlotte Adelman set out on a remarkable journey to Paris, France to be reunited with the son of the family that hid her during the Holocaust (for more on that story click here). She traveled with members of her family including her daughter and son-in-law,…


Meet superfan Fred Fingerhut

Pictured above: Fred Fingerhut with a 1973 limited edition of a Leroy Neiman serigraph. There are sports fans – and fanatics – and then there’s Fred Fingerhut. When I phoned the longtime, now retired gynecologist/obstetrician here in the Valley, he was at home, on his treadmill. He was engrossed in watching a taped replay of…


Breath and urine tests can detect breast cancer early

“We’ve now shown that inexpensive, commercial electronic noses are sufficient for classifying cancer patients at early stages.” ~ Professor Yehuda Zeiri, Ben-Gurion University Researchers have discovered that exhaled breath and urine samples can provide a fast and inexpensive breast cancer diagnosis. This early and accurate breast cancer screening is being done using commercially available technology….


Fall Trends to Fall For

A new season means a new excuse to try your hand at the most fabulous fall trends. But if you’re someone who usually stays true to your own unique style, and shies away from the hot new fashions, then you’ll be interested in the most wearable trends of the season. Bold Color Fall means cooler…


Uncovering a family secret

Pictured above: Allison embraces her new found siblings, Victoria Yegehiaian and Mark Beekman. Imagine checking your Facebook messages and discovering a note from a woman who claimed to be your long-lost sister, yet you know you grew up an only child. What would you think? That exact situation happened to Rabbi Allison Lawton almost seven…


Facing a gray divorce

We are all used to the saying, “50% of marriages end in divorce,” but recent research pins the figure between 42-45%. The main contributing factor seems to be that fewer people are getting married. Many are opting to live together instead of tying the knot. There is one demographic, however, where divorce rates seem to…


Destination: Bar Mitzvah

Pictured above: Asher Kaye became a bar mitzvah at Gindling Hilltop Camp. Asher Kaye, son of Denise and Eric Kaye, celebrated a destination bar mitzvah at Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps in Malibu, CA. “Camp has been such an instrumental part of Asher’s life, and he has made a home away from home at Gindling Hilltop…


Mitzvah Chit Chat

Mitzvah Chit Chat started out as a Facebook group in Chicago in 2016. They have since branched out to other cities and earlier this year they launched Arizona Mitzvah Chit Chat. Their website contains information on local vendors offering everything from décor and flowers to rentals and entertainment. They offer a timeline with recommendations for…

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