Sharing secrets

Arizona Jewish Life posed this question to long-married couples in our community:

“What’s the secret to a long, happy marriage?”

Here are their answers:

“Rabbi Zalman Levertov says, “The key to a successful marriage is not trying to change each other and giving each other space – which is enhanced by the laws of family purity.”
-Rabbi Zalman and -Tzipi Levertov

“The road goes up and down, and you have to travel the highs and lows,” says Paula of her 58-year marriage to Mort. “It’s not a straight line, it’s an adventure – and we keep trying to make it an adventure.”
-Mort and Paula Dubnow

According to Irv the secret is “in one word – compromise.” He told this to us on the day of his 57th anniversary to his lovely wife, Esther.  -Esther and Irv Kozinets

“Both of us came from, and brought to our relationship, a strong sense of family,” says Gayle of her 54-year union with Jay. “The best part of staying together so long is being together at this stage in our life – we are so grateful to have each other to share it with.”
-Jay and Gayle Weiss

Jocelyn and Leonard celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary this past August. Their secret to a long, happy marriage is made up of three very important pillars, which they call the 3 C’s:

“Compromise..never forget that this is the foundation of all relationships.
Consideration..always be considerate of each other’s feelings.
Caring..this is what sets the path for a loving family.”
-Leonard and Jocelyn Schwartz

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