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CTeenU participants celebrate the completion of their Jewish business course

A bit about CTeen University: CTeen University or CTeenU for short is a weekly class that presents the Jewish view on relevant, contemporary topics. CTeen partners with the prestigious Yeshiva University to offer 2 elective college credits for all who complete the course! Our current class that we just completed is the Jewish Business course….


Resource Guide 2017-2018: College & Adult

“Only a generation of readers will span a generation of writers.” – Steven Spielberg   COLLEGE COLLEGE CENTER FOR JEWISH STUDIES Arizona State University, Lattie F. Coor Hall #4465 975 S. Myrtle Ave., Tempe 480-965-7767   NORTHBRIDGE COLLEGE SUCCESS PROGRAM Jason Moore, Executive Director 7000 E. Shea Blvd. #J-262, Scottsdale 480-991-3686 NorthBridge…


Resource Guide 2016-2017: College and Young Adult Listing

COLLEGE CENTER FOR JEWISH STUDIES Lattie F. Coor Hall #4465, Arizona State University 975 S Myrtle Ave., Tempe 480-965-7767 UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA THE ARIZONA CENTER FOR JUDAIC STUDIES Professor J. Edward Wright, Director John Winchester, Outreach Coordinator, Martha Castleberry, Business Manager, 845 N Park Ave. #420, Tucson 520-626-5758 The Arizona Center for…

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