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Resource Guide 2022: Kids & Teens

The Jewish people have treasured books and learning since the beginning. Even our central prayer, the Shema, includes the
instruction: “Take these words which I command
 you this day and teach them faithfully to your children.” In the Valley and Tucson, there are preschools, day schools and high schools available where students can receive a Jewish…


Resource Guide 2022: Actively Senior

People are living longer, and seniors want more choices for living active, fulfilling lives. Abundant opportunities for stimulating educational and social programs are available, along with a wide variety of in-home, independent and assisted living options. The increase in in-home care providers and ways to increase accessibility and mobility enables seniors to stay in their…


Resource Guide 2022: Food

Arizona Jewish Life does not guarantee the kashrut of any merchandise in these listings. Please check with the store or restaurant to be sure it meets your kashrut requirements. Although not listed here, many chain grocery stores in Arizona have sections devoted to kosher items. CERTIFYING AGENCIES CHABAD OF ARIZONA 2110 E. Lincoln Dr., Phoenix…


Resource Guide 2022: Israel

Yom Ha’atzmaut not only marks the dream of restoring Jewish independence in our ancestral homeland, it also celebrates all the great achievements of the last 73 years. Over the past seven decades, Israel has given the world amazing advances from agriculture to high tech. ALEXANDER MUSS HIGH SCHOOL IN ISRAEL Hod HaSharon, Israel 800-327-5980 amhsi.org…


Resource Guide 2022: Business

APPAREL SCHMATTEES Deborah Muller, Creator/Owner 602-515-2304 shopschmattees.com [email protected] Schmattees is a fun home goods and apparel line for men, women and children that combines Jewish pride with humor and adds a big dose of chutzpah. Incorporating Jewish culture and rituals, Yiddish expression and cool graphics, Schmattees will be your “chosen” gear when you want to show…

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