Home Tours

Three unique home tours are happening in November. Whether you want to see what urban living at its finest in Phoenix looks like, or you want to take a peek at beautifully restored homes from the turn of the century. Perhaps you want to take a short drive out Wickenburg way. Whatever tour you pick,…


Designing Women: Wise words from a Talented Trio

Barbara Kaplan, CEO of Design Dimensions, acknowledges with a smile that she might well be described as the Valley’s “Grande Dame” of design. Raised in a home where antiques were collected and treasured, Barbara grew up with an appreciation of the impact on people’s lives of their surroundings. She used that knowledge to forge a…


To Life: Home is where the art is!

Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday for the very simple reason that it is the holiday where we are commanded to ask questions. In addition to having the chance to celebrate together with family and friends, it is a time when, as Jews, we cultivate our curiosity by telling the Passover story and by engaging…


Tel Aviv University research finds personality traits affect home-buying decisions

Distributed by American Friends of Tel Aviv University Do you consider yourself a conscientious person? Then sign up for a fixed-rate mortgage. Neurotic? You’ll probably opt for home ownership over renting. According to a new study published in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, personality traits are strong indicators of real-estate decisions. The research,…


All about cottages, Israeli-style

When we first moved to Israel in the summer of 1997, it took awhile before I got used to referring to where I live as a “house.” We had made aliyah from Miami, and there we clearly had your standard-definition house: a large unattached structure with spacious front and backyards. In Givat Ze’ev, we moved in…

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