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Trauma is real: Pay attention to the signs

By Debra Rich Gettleman   Dr. Melanie Rich, (no relation), doesn’t necessarily look like a first responder as she sits in her tastefully appointed Scottsdale, AZ office. But she’s been on the ground helping victims cope with trauma for decades.  At Ben Taub hospital in Houston in 1975, she was part of the team that…


During Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month, words of compassion from someone who’s been there

By Kara Baskin for JewishBoston Photo Photo: valentinrussanov/iStock)     May is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month, and this week is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week. Every so often, I take this space to write about my own mental health experiences in the hopes of reaching others. In fact, I’ve started virtual relationships with many of you after…


Healthy Eating Takes Time

Certified nutritionist and personal trainer Christi Christiaens works with Valley of the Sun JCC members and also meets with staff once a month to offer a nutrition tip of the month. Originally from Belgium, Christi has worked at the J for five years. One staff member who attends her monthly classes says: “Attending Christi’s nutritional…


Sisters in Survival

Know your body, advocate for yourself when something feels wrong, find a support system. Two sisters-in-law who have forged an even stronger bond as sisters-in-survival want to share that message with all women. The two Young Israel members, Linda and Lucia Schnitzer, do that by speaking to women’s groups (especially encouraging Orthodox women to realize…

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