A Letter from Kfar Aza

236 days have passed since October 7.  600 terrorists infiltrated Kfar Aza, 252 hostages were taken, and 1,500 lives were lost that day.

As I walk through Kfar Aza, a 7-minute drive from Gaza, my heart shatters into a million pieces.

How can they still deny the truth? How can they twist our pain into a narrative where we are the villains?

I am exhausted. Misinformation goes around suffocating the truth. As an Israeli Jewish woman, my soul aches at how easily people believe lies. No one seems to care when our people are held captive, their cries unheard. No one believes us when we plead for justice, dismissing our suffering as premeditated.

It’s a cruel irony that amidst the chaos, some find the courage to stand up for innocent lives—yet, they falter when it’s our turn to be heard. Why is it so easy to condemn us? Why do they turn away when Jewish blood stains our streets? Why is it so easy to hate on us? Why do they turn a blind eye when Jewish blood is spilled? It’s incomprehensible, it’s heart-wrenching, it’s inhumane.

On October 7th, as innocent lives were snatched away, I witnessed the depths of human cruelty. And still, some dare to diminish their suffering with cowardly excuses. Stop it. Stop justifying the unjustifiable. Stop adding “but” after acknowledging our pain. It’s time to show compassion, to acknowledge the horror without seeking to justify it. Only then can we begin to heal.

Bring them home now and Am Israel Chai


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