Tikkun Olam Top Ten

In 2019, we published our first “Tikkun Olam Top Ten.” We are continuing the tradition with what we intend to be an annual homage to the people in our community who embrace the true meaning of tikkun olam and work to make the world a better place. These are people who, outside of their professional…


Lilach Mazor Power: Growing the Giving Tree

Photo: Lilach Mazor Power inspects a plant in one of the many grow rooms at her dispensary. The Giving Tree Wellness Center lies in one of the many typical business parks located in North Phoenix. When you walk through the doors, it appears like any medical professional’s office with a couple of distinct exceptions. Instead…


Leib Bolel: In the business of uniting Israel and Arizona

Leib Bolel is the president and CEO of the Arizona Israel Technology Alliance, where he oversees the facilitation of growth in bilateral trade between the communities of Arizona and Israel across the spectrum of the technology sector. Arizona Israel Technology Alliance’s mission is to promote and strengthen business, investment, entrepreneurship, technology and trade relations between…


Tikkun Olam Top 10

Whether they are called unsung heroes, influencers, or change makers, there are certain people in the community who seem to make a difference in everything with which they become involved. People are drawn to their confident energy and the positive impact they create. Tikkun olam is defined by acts of kindness performed to perfect or…


Irin Carmon: The face of feminism today

Award-winning journalist Irin Carmon, 36, says her earliest feminist memory is going to her school library wanting to read biographies of women. She found only two for young readers: one on Mary Todd Lincoln and the other on Julia Ward Howe. “Where are the rest of them?” Irin wondered. “We ended up writing one,” says…


Bari Weiss: A moderate in an era of extremes

Pictured above: Bari Weiss. Photo by Sam Bloom UPDATE: Bari Weiss resigned from the New York Times on July 14, 2020. Read here resignation letter here. In an increasingly polarized world, New York Times Opinion Editor Bari Weiss stays unflinchingly moderate. In the face of a radicalized right and left, Bari attributes her outspoken centrism…

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