Bollards, a solo exhibit by Daniel Friedman

A new exhibit titled “Bollards,” a solo exhibit by Daniel Friedman, opened January 8 at Five15Arts @ Chartreuse at 1301 NW Grand Ave. in Phoenix. Trump’s border wall “is a taxpayer-subsidized monument to xenophobia and ignorance. The flimsy justifications for the ineffective wall, based on racism, cruelty and an idiotic campaign promise,” inspired the series…


Merry Erev Xmas!

What are you doing on Christmas Eve? When you’re Jewish, the answer is usually Chinese food, a movie, gathering with friends, or all three. But this year, being 2020, those options aren’t even available. Luckily comedian Elon Gold and some very special guests are performing their annual Merry Erev Xmas show virtually for all of…

Tucson Jewish History Museum starts new season

Photo: “Clamor en el Desierto/Clamor in the Desert” by artist Mirta Kupferminc installation at Tucson’s Jewish History Museum. The Jewish History Museum and Holocaust History Center will host a virtual opening event on Oct. 1 for “Clamor en el Desierto/Clamor in the Desert,” a new work from artist Mirta Kupferminc. Clamor en el Desierto/Clamor in…

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