Articles by Amy Hirshberg Lederman


It’s human to want to give

Arizona. California. Israel. Peru. Boston. No matter what state, country, time zone, or zip code, I make it my business to call my mother every day. Yes, you read it right. Every day! Calling home was a decision I made over two decades ago to intentionally stay connected to my parents who lived 3,000 miles…


What’s Next?

On September 18, 2018, several hours before Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year, my father died. Surrounded by my mother, my daughter and me, he left this world well-loved, just three months shy of his 100th birthday. I had spoken previously with my kids about the inevitable – that their Grandpa’s death,…


Dad’s last list

It wasn’t more than a few days after my Dad died, just four months shy of his 100th birthday, that my brother and I began the formidable task of “going through Dad’s desk.” The desk wasn’t really a desk at all; it was a repository for mountains of papers, financial statements, annual reports, brochures, medical…


The continuing journey of parenting

The parenting journey is a long and arduous one that requires more physical stamina than Superman, more psychological expertise than Freud and the financial resources of Jeff Bezos. At each age and stage of our children’s lives, we encounter and maneuver different joys, struggles and unknowns hoping that we can offer them the appropriate skills,…


The “Crystallization” of Leadership

What do Moses and Nobel prize winner in chemistry Daniel Shechtman have in common? No, this isn’t a joke, although it’s a bit of brain teaser which a dear friend recently related to me after hearing a Shabbat morning sermon in Haifa.  Delivered by Rabbi Daniel Hershkowitz,  noted Talmudic scholar, mathematician and former Israeli Minister…


Sukkot: Living with uncertainty and joy

September in Tucson brings many things I love: cooler temperatures permitting long walks in Sabino Canyon, intermittent rains that drench my garden and the Jewish holidays that kick off the new year. A sense of optimism, of new beginnings and opportunities, fills the air. In stark contrast, I began September with a horrendous car accident….

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