Articles by Amy Hirshberg Lederman


The “Crystallization” of Leadership

What do Moses and Nobel prize winner in chemistry Daniel Shechtman have in common? No, this isn’t a joke, although it’s a bit of brain teaser which a dear friend recently related to me after hearing a Shabbat morning sermon in Haifa.  Delivered by Rabbi Daniel Hershkowitz,  noted Talmudic scholar, mathematician and former Israeli Minister…


Sukkot: Living with uncertainty and joy

September in Tucson brings many things I love: cooler temperatures permitting long walks in Sabino Canyon, intermittent rains that drench my garden and the Jewish holidays that kick off the new year. A sense of optimism, of new beginnings and opportunities, fills the air. In stark contrast, I began September with a horrendous car accident….


Passover: A story of faith and hope

I was born and raised in northern New Jersey but haven’t lived there since 1976, when a college degree, combined with wanderlust, led me to Arizona where I’ve happily remained ever since. I’ve listened to many jokes over the years about being a “Joisey girl.” I’ve tried desperately to lose my Jersey accent, although I never…


The Sounds of Silence

One of the hallmarks of modern society is unrelenting noise. The persistent sounds of traffic, sirens, cell phones, television and unsolicited conversations are all part of contemporary life and “living out loud.” We have come to accept as normative the constant bombardment of visual and auditory noise. From electronic devices which keep us plugged in,…

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