Daily Archives: November 30, 2017


Spiritual Voices

The call for the “Spiritual Voices” exhibition was directed to Jewish artists in Southern Arizona, primarily around Tucson. It read, “This invitational exhibit provides a venue for artists who see their work as an expression of their spiritual journey.” While many of the pieces in this show of work by 20 artists may not obviously…


Chef’s Corner: Oy Vey, OLÉ

“Oh Chanukah, oh Chanukah, come light the menorah, let’s have a Jewish-Mexican festival, we’ll all dance the lambada.” Well, in my house anyway! If you have been a guest of mine for the holidays, you walk away with a Jewish-Mexican experience. It has taken me a while to convert all my childhood Mexican recipes to…


Flower power in Phoenix

Located on the northwest corner of the I-17 frontage road and South 16th Street. is an uncommon tenant for this industrial area. The Arizona Flower Market is Phoenix’s answer to the fresh flower markets found in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Seattle. I had heard from many of my friends about this special…

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