Healthy Eating Takes Time

Certified nutritionist and personal trainer Christi Christiaens works with Valley of the Sun JCC members and also meets with staff once a month to offer a nutrition tip of the month. Originally from Belgium, Christi has worked at the J for five years.

One staff member who attends her monthly classes says: “Attending Christi’s nutritional sessions have offered me a greater insight into ‘mindful eating.’ I leave each session with the gift of knowledge. As Christi states, sometimes it just takes a little ‘tweaking’ of our shopping or cooking habits that can lead to big changes in our overall health.”

Another notes: “I am more aware of how much what I eat affects how I feel.”

Here are some tips that Christi feels are important for women to try:

• Stay hydrated: be sure to drink plenty of
water every day.

• Cut sugar consumption: start by not adding sugar
to your coffee, yogurt and other food and drinks.

• Be organized: plan snacks and meals for the next
day and don’t leave home without your snacks and lunch.

• Cut out processed foods: buy fresh foods; shop the
“outside aisles” of the supermarket.

And most importantly:
• Lose the “diet mentality”: focus on long-term healthy
habits; focus on changing behavior strategically
over time.

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