Articles by Sarah Chen


Matza & More ensures Passover food for all

For more than 40 years, Jewish Family & Children Services of Southern Arizona has provided Passover foods to Jewish residents who otherwise would not be able to afford to purchase the traditional foods that are part of the holiday celebration. Matza & More is a fine example of Tucson’s Jewish spirit of warm outreach to…


Jewish Preschoolers Get Into Yoga

Teaching yoga in preschools has exploded in popularity nationwide, and Jewish preschools are catching on. Numerous websites and curricula offer yoga as a way to strengthen, stretch, relax and energize young children’s bodies and improve overall health through movement. “Teaching yoga is not just a trend among Jewish preschools, but among preschools in general,” says…


Jewish Tucson Presents Your Personal Concierge

When Ori Parnaby first saw the job posting for the Tucson Jewish Community Center concierge position, she laughed along with her sister and said, “That’s not a real job!” Indeed, Ori is one of only a few concierges at JCCs across the United States. “It’s revolutionary!” she exclaims. “It is utterly transforming our ability as…

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