Articles by Leni Reiss


Moments to remember

We invited a few residents of Sagewood, a senior adult community in Phoenix, to answer the following question: What moment in your history do you most vividly remember? Their responses, compiled by Contributing Editor Leni Reiss, all reflect thoughtful recollections of memorable life experiences. BUDDY STEIN When I was 12 years old and living with…


Francine Coles’ blog means business

Great results are emanating both from Francine Coles’ Arcadia home – and from her creative contemplations. Case in point: the Fancy Pants Kitchen, her new blog, business and website. A longtime Valley resident who moved from her native Canada in 1977 with her parents Bernard and Betty Shostak, Francine is an Arizona State University graduate…


Risa Mallin: Making her mark

Photo: Caleb Keefer and Risa Mallin on camera filming for “Antiques Roadshow.” Risa Mallin is adding another jewel to her impressive crown of accomplishments. In January, she will appear on an episode of “Antiques Roadshow” with a prized possession. But before the reveal, here is Risa’s back story: A Denver native, Risa was a welcome…


Making the most of the encore years

Photo: Mort Dubnow, left, and Mark Cohen New York Times columnist Frank Bruni recently wrote the following: “The hell of aging is limits.” Two longtime Valley physicians are dynamically and dramatically setting no limits to their retirement years. In fact, they are crafting new and challenging outlets for their energy, intellect and creativity. Mark Cohen,…


Meet superfan Fred Fingerhut

Pictured above: Fred Fingerhut with a 1973 limited edition of a Leroy Neiman serigraph. There are sports fans – and fanatics – and then there’s Fred Fingerhut. When I phoned the longtime, now retired gynecologist/obstetrician here in the Valley, he was at home, on his treadmill. He was engrossed in watching a taped replay of…

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