Puzzles, puppies and more positive aspects of the pandemic

Photo: Francine Kades business, The Balloon People, makes celebrations brighter during a time of social distancing.

Leni Reis is working on this “sweet” puzzle.





What are, has, or have been, positive aspects for you during the pandemic? For our contributing editor, (that’s me, Leni Reiss!), it’s been rediscovering the joy of jigsaw puzzles. They provide an escape from worries and concerns for a while. Here is a picture of the one I’m working on now, and here are some responses from other homebound readers:


Elaine, Michael and Maggie Kates.






ELAINE KATES: I’m spending a lot of together time – at home – with my husband Michael, getting to know him even better – after 58 years! We are working together to train Maggie, our new Havanese puppy. And I am making photo albums of family pictures for our children and grandchildren.







MARCIA PERLMUTTER: Buddy and I are sharing the fun of a major purchase – a robotic vacuum cleaner, whom we named Rhomba. We follow her around as if she were a new puppy. It took her three days to train us! buy zyprexa online



Sherri SIlver with one of her students, Myles.





SHERRI SILVER: I was working fulltime as a teacher and tutor. Now I am staying connected with my kids at Solel Preschool via Zoom and have paid visits to each of them, observing safe distancing while reading a story to them. The kids love it – and so do I.



Norman Levine







NORMAN LEVINE: This time of crisis has reinforced my belief that there are positive aspects to isolation. We shouldn’t focus on what is being lost, but what the future can and will bring.  As I work on a new book, which will be my 10th, this one on the Greek philosopher Aristotle, I think about what I want to reclaim and what we can benefit from in the days to come.



A mermaid balloon creation from The Balon People.






FRANCINE KADES: My business, The Balloon People, is doing well because balloons are a perfect way to celebrate an occasion because of social distancing. We’ve done birthdays, graduations and more. It is so gratifying to bring smiles to people’s faces.




Roses getting ready to bloom.





PAUL ZATULOV: Confined to my apartment and my balcony, I have hit on a marvelous new project: convincing roses to grow in 106-degree temperature. After an initial burst of blooms, my plant was dormant. This picture shows buds on each stem, caused by a micro climate induced by melting ice cubes. Watching this process is enhancing my quarantine (experience).
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