When I arrived in Eretz Israel and saw, for the first time in my life, the Jewish guard, the Jewish soldier, I realized that my life’s dream is coming true – a dream of a country, but mine. A dream that I have been missing ever since as a child when I was afraid to walk down the street, they would hurt me at every opportunity, just because I was Jewish.
I was standing wrapped in tefillin and the tallit, the most familiar and important of Jewish symbols. I was very excited to stand with these warriors, it is impossible to explain in words the feeling I experienced,” “When I was in the concentration camps it was my biggest dream – that soldiers would stand behind me and protect us.”
91 year old Holocaust survivor, Yehezkel Hershtik
( Source: Uri Gobey)
(Video repost from Hananya Naftali) Hananya Naftali
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