All Day Alba: Fashionwear that builds confidence

All Day Alba was created by a powerful duo: Milan-born martial artist, Rachel Katzin, and American entrepreneur, Brielle Mayberg. These two women have produced a line of “fashionwear” that is both comfortable and sophisticated, building a “relaxed confidence” for the wearer.


Rachel and Brielle

How did the two of you meet?

Brielle: We met completely by chance – at a preschool visit for our girls (who became close friends)! We were both living in Israel at the time. Our conversations together led us to building a friendship and realizing we shared a vision of bringing women relaxed confidence through fashion.


Tell me a little bit about your backgrounds?

Rachel: I was born and raised in Milan where I grew up involved in my parents’ fashion businesses. I later moved to Switzerland where I pursued my degree in translation (mastering 6 languages!) and began my pursuit of martial arts.

Brielle: I was raised in Washington DC amidst a highly entrepreneurial family. After splitting my undergraduate studies between NYU and IDC Herzliya (in Israel), I graduated with a psychology and communications degree, fitness instructor certification, and a firing entrepreneurial spirit!
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Since you have a background in fitness, not design – what was the inspiration for starting a clothing line?

Brielle: It was years removed from living in Milan that Rachel returned to her high-fashion roots and seeded the idea of All Day Alba with me. It was my entrepreneurial ambition that infused our line with innovation so we would stand out within the crowded market of Active Fashion. We simply felt there was still a category missing for those of us who love and have a knack for fashion, but have a seriously active lifestyle and fitness affiliation.

The idea evolved: truly fashionable fitness wear that is entirely made to move yet completely sophisticated in terms of its detail, trim, design precision and trend/glam factor. Sporty does not mean it has to be casual but rather that it is tried and tested to let you move and perform physically, whether at the gym or during a busy day. We wanted to merge the runway with the studio to a degree that it had never been merged before.


Share the process of creating a piece for your line – do you work with designers, look at trends, go to fashion week events?

Brielle: We enter the minds and the closets of our consumers. Each design is the expression of what we believe our consumers would want but do not have in their wardrobe. The styles are innovative, solution-oriented and beautifully unique – designs that will uplift their lives physically (made to move with them) and emotionally (raise their confidence and motivation to do more and be out there).

We trend-research, scan the market and pay close attention to incorporating awarded seasonal colors, to make sure that our vision fills the gaps within the fast-paced and growing market.

Each style is lovingly crafted in limited edition batches, reflecting color and seasonal trends while retaining a timeless elegance. Each style is born with a hand-drawn sketch, just like an artist would put an idea to paper. We obsess over every metallic finishing and trim detail, which are also hand-drawn by our in-house artist, to elevate the finished look. Our tight-knit design team meticulously oversees each detail from how the tag looks and what the care label says, to the intentional placement of the rose gold logo and to every last seam.
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We locate the top mills around the globe and learn about every detail of the fabric, beginning with the fibers within the yarn. This way we can confidently advocate for and stand behind the capabilities of the fabrics we use. We know precisely how they will make our consumer feel, how it will look and fall on the body, and even how it will diminish cellulite and muscle fatigue. Here too, with our consumer’s reaction to the product in mind.

Fashion is such a competitive industry, what sets All Day Alba apart?

Brielle: We are diving deep into the creation of our own proprietary category: “fashionwear” – the fusion of high fashion and fitness wear. Beautiful clothes that let you move effortlessly, giving you the feeling of unlimited power in every situation – the power to say yes spontaneously, without compromising your style.


What do you find to be the most challenging aspects to being business owners?

Brielle: I would say that the most fun is also the most challenging: being on call 24/7 and having to own all of the pressure and motivation at a constant rate without the ability to put it at rest.


What is your favorite part about owning your own business?

Brielle: Seeing our creativity, come to life.


What advice would you share with other women entrepreneurs?

Brielle: It’s important not to remain stuck in predefined habits, but rather allow flexibility, adaptation and creativity, so to adapt to the environmental challenges to which we have no control over. I think we can all relate to this during these trying times.


What inspires you?

Brielle: Being a solution.
All Day Alba is a solution that we created where the simplicity of tech fabrics is intentionally fused with the detail of tailored fashion; a versatile solution for the modern woman who is expected to be everything for everyone, at every moment of her day. With us, she will not risk missing out because she will be neither under nor overdressed.

Dissatisfied with having to choose between feeling comfortable and looking elegant ourselves, we set out to create fashionwear that brings substantial elevation to others. We just love watching people solve their challenges by utilizing our fashionwear!


Your line is about enabling confidence. Who were the important female role models in your lives growing up?

Brielle: It was my mom and her friends: they were so much more than just moms. They did everything from raising the kids to raising the bar. My mom, for example, is one of the founding partners of Momentum and one of her best friends created a massive organization that emphasized bipartisanship to enable more peace in Washington. The women I am surrounded by literally change the world!


On your website, you mention being captivated by female superheroes. If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

Brielle: I wish I had the power to bring substantial elevation to a world that needs it right now.


Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Brielle: All Day Alba’s mottos of “relaxed confidence” – It is the power of creating endless meaningful moments and inspiring those around you. It is knowing you are ready to tackle anything that will come your way. Finally, it is being able to say “yes” to opportunity because opportunity allows you to be an influencer of positive change, and we women know that’s what it’s all about.

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