Author J.E. Laufer returns to Gigglyville with The Very Unhappy Visitor

Do you know a child that seems moody, angry and always blames their unhappiness on others? Their feelings have probably become even more intense, as we all continue to adapt to this worldwide pandemic. Now may be the perfect opportunity to discuss the concept of “a silver lining” with your children.

In The Very Unhappy Visitor: More Adventures in Gigglyville [Little Egg Publishing Company, July 2020], J. E. Laufer takes us back to the magical land of Gigglyville to learn how to see and appreciate the world around us. The story follows Shrilly and her chronic frown as she searches for her long-lost smile with the help of the citizens of Gigglyville.  The message in The Very Unhappy Visitor is one of taking responsibility and appreciating what you have.  The colorful illustrations and rhyming text are perfect for young children, whether they are struggling with seeing themselves as the victim or not understanding the relationship between gratitude and attitude.

Regardless of your background, Shrilly’s story is relatable; The Very Unhappy Visitor reminds us that while we won’t always be happy, more often than not, remaining positive is a conscious choice that we can make every day. Laufer’s latest book in her Gigglyville series is a delightful story to help children understand that they have the power to find their own happiness.

“I started the Gigglyville series as a way to confront social/emotional issues for children in an optimistic way, which seemed natural for me but I realize not easy for many,” shares Laufer. “I was fortunate to have a very positive role model in my late father, who modeled an unbelievable appreciation for his life, family and each day, despite his experience as a Holocaust survivor.  He was nicknamed the ‘smiling salesman.'”

Laufer is a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award recipient, winning both gold and silver medals.   She has won numerous literary achievement awards for both her children’s and young adult titles, including the World Society of Poets’ Golden Poet Award for her first children’s book, Where Did Papa Go?

Engaging and informative, The Very Unhappy Visitor is an educational narrative about learning to be positive in our everyday lives. Laufer is available for interviews and Q&A’s around the launch of The Very Unhappy Visitor to discuss on topics including but not limited to:

  • Promoting mental health for children through an optimistic lens
  • Setting an example of positivity for children so they can achieve lifelong benefits.
  • Changing patterns of behavior for children which can be best achieved with early intervention.
  • Storytime being a great opportunity for communication between parents and children.

Adds Laufer, “Ultimately, my hope is that The Very Unhappy Visitor will sprinkle a little insight onto a child and perhaps change their attitude forever.  This is a wonderful opportunity for families to address all the ways in which they can count their blessings and see the simple beauty of the world around them.”

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The Very Unhappy Visitor: More Adventures in Gigglyville was released nationwide July 2020 and can be ordered on Little Egg’s website and Amazon.

About the author:

J.E. Laufer was born in Budapest, Hungary and immigrated with her parents and brother to North America as a young child.

An educator by trade, Laufer has spent more than 25 years in early childhood education, with her experience ranging from a decade in the classroom to program administration and curriculum development. Her first picture book, Where Did Papa Go, is the recipient of the World Society of Poetry’s Golden Poet Award.

Raised in Montreal, Canada, Laufer now lives in Scottsdale with her husband, Dr. Nathan Laufer, and their son, Andrew.


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  1. July 25, 2020 @ 3:26 pm Eleanor Krumholz

    Just read Judy Laufer’s newest book, A Very Unhappy Visitor. It’s a delightful read for children of all ages (and the adults lucky enough to share the pleasure.). It sends a message in playful poetic rhyme that resonates with this particular time along with all the other times when we need to be reminded that we all have a role to play. The illustrations enrich the book and offer a child a wonderful interlude. Pick it up! You’ll be happy you did!


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