Bohemian Glamour

Do you love the romantic boho vibe and wonder how to transition from summer to fall without looking like someone stuck in a vintage time warp?

Boho style is always evolving, and it looks like the chic muse of yesteryear is still on trend for fall.

Fashion icon, designer and television star Nicole Richie has designed a special collection all about bohemian luxury for Macy’s, and she says, “Macy’s is the epitome of American fashion.”

The amazing fashion features of the Nicole Richie collection are the rich colors of green and blue, the print and pattern designs of the Art Deco period, and the mix of cool-edge minimalism with soft silhouettes and flowy fabrics.

Bohemian glamour creates a vision of beauty all about the vintage-inspired, modern-day woman at an affordable price.

The complete look of boho may not be for everyone, so try sprinkling your style with a few of these affordable fashion elements for fun or shop your closet. You may discover the glamour of boho is already hidden in your wardrobe.

Get the look of Boho luxury with these key pieces:

• Wide-brim hat

• Knee-high boots

• Chiffon poet blouse

• Maxi dress

• Chunky vest

Pair any two of these pieces with denim or a pencil or A-line skirt, topped with a crown of boho braids. Another stylish option is to put on a sturdy woven blanketlike poncho over a fluid maxi dress and glamorize with a metallic collar necklace.

Isn’t fashion fun? Or at least it should be, don’t you think? For more about style and fashion, visit, leave a comment and let me know what you’re wearing in Arizona.

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