“Book for Bambinos” Promotes Literacy while Providing Comfort

For children facing stressful situations, the gift of a book can be a comforting reminder
that someone cares. Local Jewish author Judy Laufer has teamed up with companies and individuals to give her two award-winning books to kids in need through her “Books for Bambinos” program.
“I started this program as a way to help young children,” says Laufer, who especially wants to help children in a hospital, hospice or shelter. “I strongly believe in building literacy at a young age and reaching out to children and families in need. I identified a population of kids who experience loss often and certainly could use an anti-nightmare book!”

Laufer’s two books, published by her Little Egg Publishing Company, are certainly appropriate for children in stressful situations. Last Night I Had a Laughmare is the story of a topsy- turvy world that will make bedtime a magical time for children as they take a romp through “Gigglyville.” It turns nightmares into laughmares. Where Did Papa Go? is about a special relationship and grieving for a loved one who dies, exploring emotions that a young child may experience after the loss of a loved one. Both books are written for ages 3 to 7.

“I wanted to reach lots of children, so I needed help,” says Laufer. “I thought of all the companies and personal foundations that are looking for charitable giving opportunities.” She piloted the program during the winter holidays in 2013 and gave out more than 100 books to different organizations. “This year, with a more organized strategy and starting earlier, we are looking at donating 500 books or more,” says Laufer of the 2014 holiday project. She adds that “We are planning to continue throughout the year, since there are so many children we won’t reach during the holidays.” Donors may designate any nonprofit benefitting children to receive books.

“I have always felt that giving back to my community was the right thing to do,” says Laufer, who was born in Budapest, Hungary, to parents who not only survived the concentration camps, but who also escaped during the Hungarian revolution. The family was aided by many Jewish organizations as they built a new life in Montreal, Canada.

Now Laufer and her husband, Dr. Nathan Laufer, sponsor a Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces lone soldier, contribute to several synagogues in town and are co-chairs of the Major Fundraising AIPAC Dinner Jan. 22. Laufer is also the Southwest regional lay leader for Birthright Israel.

“I have always felt that one person really can make a difference in this world, but if you can inspire others to join you … then that just multiplies the good,” says Laufer.

For more information on “Books for Bambinos,” visit LittleEggPublishing.com or email Judy Laufer at littleegg@cox.net.

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