CENTER DANCE ENSEMBLE: On point for 2017-2018

Center Dance Ensemble and Artistic Director Fran Smith Cohen announce the company’s 29th season for 2017/18 at the Herberger Theater Center. Center Dance Ensemble performs dance in the classical modern style, with four distinct performances, each telling enlightening and entertaining stories through movement.

Cohen, a protege of the famed Martha Graham, has received national acclaim and recognition for both her choreography and work developing young dancers. A truly gifted storyteller, Center Dance Ensemble brings fascinating narratives to life, finding inspiration from folklore, novels, classic stories and pop culture.


Ghosts & Goblins & Witches,Oh My!
Stage West
Herberger Theater Center
Oct. 19-22

Snow Queen
Herberger Theater Center
Dec. 2-1


Shakespeare at The Herberger
Herberger Theater Center
March 2-4

Cinderella Rock!
Herberger Theater Center
March 3 & 4

American Voices
Kax Theatre,
Herberger Theater Center
Apr 22


222 E. MONROE ST., Phoenix

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