Comedian Andy Steinberg to Host ‘Funny for Autism’ Show at Tempe Improv Benefitting Gateway Academy

On Wednesday, October 13, comedian Andy Steinberg will be performing at Tempe Improv. All donations will benefit Gateway Academy, a school that specializes in the education of students diagnosed with high functioning autism. The show, titled “Funny for Autism,” is centered around autism in a non-traditional way.

The School has a special place in Steinberg’s heart, Steinberg’s son, Tru, who will be hosting the show, graduated from Gateway three years ago.

“I want to do this show benefiting Gateway, because this is as much about the school and its current students; as it is about me and my son. Before Gateway, Tru had difficulties finding a school that he felt comfortable in,” Steinberg said. “When we were looking for a new school, we visited Gateway Academy, and, within 30 minutes, Tru knew this was his school. He instantly had a feeling of security, while also having the experience of a more traditional school. It has been a very exciting journey with Gateway.”

Steinberg, 56, has been performing comedy for 10 years now, a “late bloomer” in the comedy world. Steinberg performs across the country, appearing as the feature act for popular comedian, Aries Spears.

This show will serve as a “tune-up” for a debut comedy album/DVD that he has been working on and plans to release in February 2022. Steinberg has been writing material about Tru since he was a young kid and now that his son is older, Steinberg doesn’t want to retire that content necessarily, but he wants to get that content recorded and archived.

“Tru is a natural performer. He loves to get up and get the attention, and performing is very easy for him,” Steinberg said.

Attendees can expect a very honest look at autism. A lot of guests, who already have a connection with someone on the spectrum will be left in awe. Guests that have no connection with anyone on the spectrum will be left with a new perspective.

“I want to put it out there that this is a different type of show about autism than one might not expect. The audience should not expect a nice, G-rated show- this isn’t going to be that. It won’t be X-rated or anything. It is a PG-13 to R-rated type of show – it’s something for adults. I have never had issues with the language or content in the past, but comedy room language will be used. This also makes it more approachable for people that may have no connection with anyone on the spectrum,” he said.

The event is being held at Tempe Improv, which, is very supportive of both Steinberg and Gateway.

“Tempe Improv and Big Bash have supported me and my endeavors with Gateway Academy. Tempe Improv is one of the oldest Improv’s in the country and the building is exceptional – as a performer, it gives you a confidence boost. It may as well be my ‘home’ club.”

Gateway Academy remains a large part of Steinberg’s life.

“Gateway is still a centerpiece of our life. Even though Tru graduated three years ago, I am in constant contact with the school. They are always there to answer any questions I have. There is a lifelong connection between my family and Gateway.”

Tickets are $20 per person and can be purchased online through Tempe Improv at

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