Fishing for a date

Dating is like fishing. All the elements need to be in place for success. It is about the excellent weather conditions, luck, timing and placing oneself in the right location to reel in a catch.

The sky was filled with puffy white clouds, and this exceptionally attractive man seemed to look into my soul with his piercing blue eyes. But I felt calm – his relaxed demeanor and his warm smile melted away my worries. My date decided to take me fishing. It was definitely different and an extremely creative way to get to know one another; it made me think about dating with a different perspective.

Dating and fishing have a lot of similarities, starting with the weather. When the weather is calm, often the water is still and it is much easier to see through the water. If you are going deep sea fishing, then calm waters make it an easier experience to get to your desired fishing location.

Sunshine also makes fishing more fun, especially if it is not too hot or too windy. Part of the reason people love fishing is because they find it relaxing. Others love the challenge of fishing. Whatever the reason, most people who love to fish also love calm waters and beautiful views, and are looking to have a happy experience.

Translate weather to dating. People generally are looking to be with someone who is calm. Sure they want someone who is fun and exciting, but most people have enough drama in their life, so they are looking for a stable life partner. Some people want a deep and meaningful relationship that leads to marriage, while others are looking just for a fun time. Whatever the situation, it helps when dating to always put on your happy face.

You might be struggling with work or having a rough time with a friend, but when you first meet someone, it’s best to keep cool and calm. Let’s be real. Me waking up at 4 am for a date is not my ideal situation, but it sounded interesting, challenging and even romantic, as we would be out on the water in time to watch the sun rise. The weather was hot, but I was cool and calm, and yes, quite sleepy. But two relaxed people going out on a date is never a bad way to start off.

Finding the right spot to go fishing is all about being lucky. Sometimes people know the patterns of the fish, but other times it is simply about being in the right place at the right time.

Dating is similar. How many stories have you heard about people meeting in a parking lot, or while one person was walking into a party and the other leaving and they end up meeting their beshert and getting married. Sometimes it is simply a matter of luck being in the right place at the right time

We were out on the open ocean and the water started to get rough. I smiled weakly while I was slowly turning green to match the floating seaweed. My date looked concerned as I leaned over the side of the boat, not exactly the most romantic way to start a date. However the fish did not seem to mind!

My date came to my rescue right away. He brought over a ginger ale and held my hand. Timing is also key in dating as it is in fishing. In a recent conversation with my father, we talked about life and opportunities. He mentioned to me that life presents opportunities at various times, and it’s important to realize and take them if you are interested.

That’s where timing is so key. For me it is about being in the right place in my mind, knowing what I am looking for and recognizing an opportunity when it appears. So often a great person or several people appear in your world, and yet you are not in a sunny place in your head so you let them go by, when they might have been perfect for you.

Sometimes, depending on what is going on in your world, it can be hard to get to a positive place in your mind. But I say fake it till you make it your reality. Studies have shown that when people smile into the phone, they get more positive responses, as the person on the other end can sense the good energy.

Just like fish are attracted to shiny hooks with food, people follow and want to be with and around happy successful people. One of the most important aspects to fishing, dating and life is to be patient. You can lure the fish, but you can’t make them bite. You can do your best to always be out there, but everything needs to somehow fall into place. Sometimes you catch a fish, but can’t hold on.

But don’t worry. If you let one go, there are plenty of fish in the sea and plenty of people who are looking for their beshert. It’s just a matter of time before everything comes together, so enjoy the ride, and hopefully it is a calm one. As for me, rough oceans proved to be in my favor. My blue-eyed guy who lent me a hand, and liked me even when I was green, well, I’m still holding on. He certainly is a great catch.

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