Meet cover artist Osnat Tzadok

The cover art for this year’s Resource Guide is titled “Tree of Life” by artist Osnat Tzadok. Osnat was born and raised in Israel and now lives in Canada, where she relocated with her family 22 years ago.

A self-taught artist, Osnat creates abstract art with or without texture and with colorful or minimal color palettes. The ability to play with colors – without giving too much thought to the process – is at the core of her creations.

“I paint without planning ahead, without picking up favorite colors or paints,” she says. “Abstract style allows me to detach myself from the physical world and delve into my inner world where the real celebration is taking place.”

When Osnat first moved to Canada, she didn’t have a work permit to work outside the home, but she kept plenty busy raising two small children and running and managing the family’s home. Then, one day, a friend gave her a copy of the book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy, telling Osnat that it had changed her life.

Osnat began reading the book and soon found that she couldn’t put it down. The book mentions various mind-focusing techniques for removing obstacles in the subconscious that prevent someone from achieving the success they want. Inspired, Osnat created her own bedtime prayer that she repeated nightly.

“I prayed to find my purpose in life, with the conviction that the answer has already been given to me, and with the sincere feeling that I have already accomplished this goal,” she shares.

Two weeks went by, and another friend came over, asking Osnat if she would like to accompany her to an art supply store. At first, she refused, she needed to make dinner and it was getting late, but her friend insisted, and Osnat is forever grateful that she did.

“The moment I stepped into that store, I felt strange, ignited, exasperated and intrigued,” Osnat remembers. “I was staring at the canvases, brushes and paints with a strong attraction.”

She bought a few basic materials, and when she got back home, she cleared the kitchen table and started to paint. “I felt like I was in a state of flow with my own creation, and it felt awesome,” says Osnat. She filled the house with paintings, and within a month, all her walls were covered with new artwork.

She started to change her nightly prayer and imagined herself making sales and shipping those pieces to new customers. The following month, she started selling her works on eBay.

“At first, I sold them for minimal amounts, but as I started gathering feedback and a reputation, my sales grew stronger,” says Osnat. “ A few months after my first sale, I started reaping the fruits of my effort, as bidders were fighting over my artwork creating bidding wars.”

Creating the art, selling it online and receiving positive feedback was an exciting process that spurred Osnat into creating more art and reinventing herself over and over again. She continues to experiment with different painting techniques, and stays attune to market needs.

“As a spiritual person but especially as an artist – flow is my motto,” shares Osnat. “Flow is the art of letting things happen; it is where the subconscious is leading the conscious, and where the apparent is giving way to the hidden.”

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