Organized home hacks

An organized home makes for a happy place. However, if decorating, maximizing your space and clearing clutter makes you throw your hands up in frustration, we have you covered. Here are some ways to help simplify your life.

Technology in the home

Modern technology has a myriad of ways to help people organize. If you are trying to figure out how to configure your space or design a comfortable room, is a wonderful tool.

It is an online interior design service, which utilizes three-dimensional tools and photos to create your space realistically. Once you take their Style Quiz and upload photos, their designer gets to work helping you create the look you want. Modsy partners with more than 100 retailers, so if you find a piece of furniture they have incorporated into your new design, you can order it right then! Design packages start at $69.

While Modsy uses a real designer to help you create your perfect space, today having a personal assistant doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be human.

Technology can make your home function better too. While there are endless products on the market, if you are new to home technology, start simple with the Philips Hue personal wireless lighting system ($69.99 for a two-bulb starter kit at It allows you to “talk” to your lights through your smartphone or a voice control device and instruct them what to do.

If you aren’t home, you can switch lights on, which is helpful in a myriad of circumstances, from carrying in groceries to just wanting a well-lit home when you arrive.

It’s an easy entry into the world of technology, and if you find this application useful, there are products that will turn on the shower, vacuum your floors and even set the temperature in your home.

The kitchen – simplify & organize

In my world, it seems as if everyone always ends up gathering in the kitchen, as for many, it is the center of a house. There are a variety of ways to organize your kitchen.

The best way to organize your kitchen is to make sure everything has a home. One of my favorites is food storage sets because they make everything easy to find. A great quality product which will last for years to come is the Zevro Vac ‘n Save 17-piece rectangular container set ($49.99) and Zevro Vac ‘n Save 7-piece round vacuum container set ($19.99), sold at various retail outlets. Both sets come with a hand-held pump that takes the air out to help keep food fresher longer.

More space saving ideas come from Grayline. They have over-the-door organizers with two to eight adjustable baskets. Grayline also has pot and pan organizer racks, cabinet organizers and adjustable three-tier “helper” shelves that fit inside those large bottom kitchen cabinets that can easily become cluttered.

Both the Zevro Vac ‘n Save and Grayline organizers can be found at big-box stores and online.

Cooking … and eating

If you enjoy cooking, the key to a clutter-free kitchen is to minimize having a million tools and have one that does multiple tasks. One example of how to make your life easier and healthier is the Cuisinart PrepExpress Slicer, Shredder and Spiralizer ($69.95 at It’s a multi-use product that allows cooks to effortlessly create wide ribbons or crinkle-cut spirals using fresh zucchini and apples, or make thin spaghetti from veggies. So give away your slicing and dicing tools, and just have one product, which requires less effort and is more efficient, not to mention small enough to tuck away in a cabinet.

However, if cooking isn’t to your taste, but enjoying good food and not having cabinets cluttered with barely used spice boxes, freezers full of frozen food and vegetables that never get used, try a food delivery service. They are a convenient, healthy and fulfilling way to create scrumptious meals without ever having to venture to the grocery store.

I tried HelloFresh ( and was exceptionally impressed. The kit arrived with every ingredient needed, perfect portion sizes and easy to use instructions. Also, preparing the meals was fun, and will give you a new slew of creative recipes – that is if you decide to go back to cooking yourself!

Now, if organizing your home all at once is too overwhelming of a project try Tidee Box. It is a bi-monthly subscription service that sends customers a customized box filled with innovative and functional solutions for organizing their living space. Each box has a theme and targets a specific room to help tidy specific areas. A Starter Kit is available with four items for $24.99 at

It’s an efficient way to organize, and all you have to do is put things in their place.














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