Shongolulu: fashion for a cause

With the slogan “saving wildlife with style,” a multinational team of entrepreneurs recently launched the fashion company Shongolulu with the goal of raising awareness and resources to protect endangered species and their habitats. Ten percent of the company’s profits are donated to non-profit organizations that work in wildlife conservation around the world.

“As the most dominant species in the world, it’s our responsibility to take care of and save the other species,” says Shongolulu co-founder Oz Laniado, who grew up in Israel and now lives in southern California.

The company designs, manufactures and sells socks, scarves and hats through their website – Some of the colorful merchandise features images of endangered species, such as lions, rhinos, elephants and cheetahs. Co-founder Adam Schechter says there are plans to gradually branch out through other retailers and non-profits who share their vision and mission.

The multinational team includes co-founders from Israel, Africa, Europe and the United States. They currently have a partnership with Wildlife Alliance, which works primarily in southeast Asia, with plans to support wildlife conservation organizations on every continent.

The name Shongolulu is derived from “shongololo” – the Zulu word for millipede. Schechter says they replaced the “o”s with “u”s because “our mission is nothing without every one of you. It’s about unity and growing this movement until we have a million feet marching.”

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