Single Profiles: Meet AJ and Jessica

Dating is a challenge. Most single people say it’s hard to find interesting, intelligent and attractive people, and, for some crazy reason, they are right. However, meeting a great person should not be so hard; that’s why we at Arizona Jewish Life magazine have taken matters into our own hands and found two amazing catches we can’t believe are still single. We thought we’d do a little matchmaking and introduce them to the community, with hopes of playing a role in finding them the right match. Who knows, maybe we will be able to write their wedding stories in a future issue. Meet AJ and Jessica!

Abraham Jordan Frost

Abraham Jordan Frost, otherwise known as AJ, is an Arizona native who grew up in Scottsdale. A shy youngster and an only child, AJ gravitated toward making friends and has a close relationship with his parents, who are supportive of him in all his endeavors.

While AJ enjoys living in Arizona, his passion and ambition took him to the East Coast to experience life and his last name –otherwise known as, well, winter weather.

“I completed my undergraduate degree at Arizona State and finished off my graduate studies at Columbia University in New York. My primary academic field has
been the intersection of political science, history and religion, focusing mostly on American politics.”

AJ has a great sense of humor and appreciates Arizona to a new level, especially after living in NYC.

“After having lived in New York for a few years, I can tell you that I do not particularly care for the colder climate. I felt, very briefly mind you, a modicum of guilt while my East Coast friends froze in the polar vortex while I dipped my toe in the pool. As for activities, I’m an art enthusiast. Indeed, I enjoy Phoenix Art Museum, an occasional show, the zoo or just walking around without a care for where I’m going. A little confession if I may, even though I’ve lived in Arizona pretty much my entire life, I never once have gone to the Grand Canyon. Please don’t judge me on that,” he says with a big smile on his face.

Currently, AJ is using his talent and degrees to help make the world a better place, specifically by enlightening our community as he works for the Valley Beit Midrash, which hosts interesting, educational and fun events.

“I work for the Valley Beit Midrash under the guidance of Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz. He has been very supportive of me, and even though I haven’t known him very long, I am blessed that I get to work with someone who is so prolific and socially astute. I’ve been lucky in that the rabbi has trusted me to assist him in his academic pursuits. It means a lot to me.”

AJ is a renaissance man, he knows his music, art and art history, and is the perfect date to visit a museum. Chances are this easygoing man, who is bright and articulate, might just know a little something about the exhibit since he is passionate about learning.

A few things he is looking for in a relationship are, “Someone who is smarter than me, someone who has a good and broad sense of humor, someone who respects the traditions of Judaism and Jewish culture. Most importantly, someone who could put up with me, look at my flaws and say ‘Eh, he’s not perfect, but I love him just the same.’ ”

(Reach out to AJ on Facebook)

Jessica Levin

Jessica Levin is bubbly, bright and beautiful with a brilliant sense of humor. An Arizona native, she lived in New York for a few years when she was growing up because of her father’s job transfer, but they eventually moved back to Arizona.

“I didn’t appreciate Arizona as much growing up as I do now as a professional,” she says. “I went to undergrad in San Diego and then came back here for
graduate school. I studied psychology at the University of San Diego and then went to Argosy University, a school for professional psychology, to get my master’s in mental health counseling.”

Her enjoyment of connecting and helping people extends from her personal life to her professional one.

“I am currently a child and family therapist at a residential treatment center in Scottsdale. I enjoy my job and like working with various cultures and diversities. I have always had a passion for kids and adolescents and therefore find my profession very rewarding as well as challenging. I feel that I have grown a lot from working with such different types of families.”

Jessica loves to travel and recently returned from a trip to Europe, where she went exploring. She has a wide range of interests and a great respect for the people she loves.

“I like to work out, try new restaurants, go to sporting events and concerts, and just experience new things. My family and friends are extremely important to me, and I love spending time with them. My sister lives in San Diego, and my parents are residents here but go back-and-forth to San Diego often.”

Jessica is always on the go, but she still has time to keep her eyes open for that special someone she hopes to meet eventually.

“I am looking for a partner that is someone who is respectful and will challenge me to be a better person. Someone who will experience life to the fullest with me, travel, go on adventures, try new things. I’d like to be with a person who is respectful, sincere and has good family values.”

(Reach out to Jessica on Facebook)

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