Try Mussar Yoga the The J


Joey DeLaRosa is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, who has begun teaching a Mussar Yoga Zoom series with the Tucson Jewish Community Center on April 19  for four weeks on Mondays at 5:45 pm. This yoga is great for beginners and athletes – no experience is necessary.

Mussar Yoga is a blending of Jewish and Eastern spiritual practices and you will learn how to explore the physical dimension of ethical behaviors and attitudes such as humility, generosity, enthusiasm and gratitude through yoga poses and the yogic practice of breathwork.

“I have been working on the journey of incorporating Judaism into the yoga practice and I’m thrilled to share this with the world,” says Joey.

With practice, Mussar Yoga can help free you from bad habits and self-destructive behavior, increase your capacity for compassion and acts of goodness, and help you develop a more fulfilling, meaningful life.

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