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Popping Up All Over

Pam Raphael and her husband, Butch, own AZ Pops, a gourmet popsicle business that is just over a year old and starting to see an increase in profits. Their unique popsicles, which are made in a shul kitchen, come in an array of crafty flavors, like cantaloupe-raspberry, cucumber-sesame and chocolate-banana. But there are more flavors….


Renting and Raving

Residents of Sierra Pointe retirement community enjoy a lot of perks. Arizona has been a prime retirement destination for seniors since the 1960s. Seniorliving.org lists more than 1,900 assisted and independent living facilities in the state. If you are thinking about moving to a senior community, having so many options can be overwhelming. Peter Lesio,…

The Senior Years

More than just a lifestyle, Kivel creates a life. One of the facts of life is that we all get older. Whether you are looking at your own end-of-life plans or those of your parents, grandparents or other loved ones, you know that you want to move into these golden years with dignity and respect….

Events Calendar November 2012

Oct. 19–Nov. 4 Theater Arts Studio presents David Auburn’s “Proof,” winner of a Pulitzer Prize and the Tony Award for Best Play. Performances run Oct. 19 through Nov. 4, Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. General admission tickets are $20; students age 25 and younger $10; groups of 10…

Israeli athletes shine at Paralympics

Established in 1948 by a Jewish doctor who escaped Nazi Germany, the Paralympics used to be known as “parallel” or “special” Olympics. Israel first competed in the Paralympics in the 1960 Summer Games in Rome, Italy. Since then Israel has won 372 medals in the Paralympics, more than a third of them gold. Israel ranks…

A mountain of garbage becomes a beautiful park

I am taking a much-needed break from Iran, Syria, the American elections and Israel’s growing internal crises to write about something truly important that proves some people in Israel actually think and plan for the future. When I made aliyah in 1981, I settled in Jerusalem, then lived on a moshav in the Beit Shemesh…


It is No Dream

“It is No Dream: The Life of Theodor Herzl” smacks us at the outset with color images of vandalized tombstones and neo-Nazi marches. This brief but jarring sequence, accompanied on the soundtrack by a passage from “Der Judenstaat,” the Zionist visionary’s momentous 1896 argument for a Jewish homeland, aims to nail two birds with one…

Under Lock and Key

Sometimes we’re not meant to find out what’s behind door No. 1 — or door No. 2. My fingers were getting really cold as I tried to open the lockbox and get the key out so I could open the door, but it was to no avail. All those years of opening my high school…

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