Daily Archives: November 1, 2012

Popping Up All Over

Pam Raphael and her husband, Butch, own AZ Pops, a gourmet popsicle business that is just over a year old and starting to see an increase in profits. Their unique popsicles, which are made in a shul kitchen, come in an array of crafty flavors, like cantaloupe-raspberry, cucumber-sesame and chocolate-banana. But there are more flavors….

Two Tales of One Camp

In 2011, The Foundation for Jewish Camp authored a study entitled “Camp Works — the Long-Term Impact of Jewish Summer Camp.” Their primary purpose was to determine what, if any, role Jewish summer camp played in the development of long-term Jewish identity. The results were staggering. In many interpretations, attending Jewish summer camp proved to…


Life on the Other Side: Food Faux Pas

Ever have a kitchen disaster? Not like spilling a bag of rice and watching it scatter all over the floor. I mean culinary catastrophes that occur in real time, when company is in the next room — hungry with forks positioned in their hands. One of my favorites happened years ago, when my boss Joe…


The Magic of Michael Kors

Southwest fashion dips into the magic of the 2013 collection from designer Michael Kors and gets a sneak peek at what spring and summer have to offer. “Spring clothes arrive, crazily enough, at the end of January and February, when in many cities around the world it’s gray, dreary and kind of gross,” Kors says….

A Walk Through Jewish Paris

One of the most famous buildings in Paris kept getting closer and closer. I couldn’t help but grin, as the Arc De Triomphe seemed to materialize right in front of me. To add to the excitement, I was in a cab that had a clear plastic roof, so I felt as if I was in…

Thanksgiving Feast

Each of us has a favorite dish on the Thanksgiving table. For some it’s the turkey, while others can’t wait to taste the pecan pie. Time-honored traditions give meaning to this holiday focused on bringing family and friends together to give thanks. Serving family favorites alongside new recipes keeps things interesting for the cook as…


Not Quite Native

The general consensus in the Valley is that our population is quite transient. Folks come looking for the pot of gold, and often move on for opportunities elsewhere. If you’ve lived here more than 10 years, you’re considered to be close to a native. But every once in a while, you come in contact with…


It’s All About Mitchell

“When my son was 22, he attempted to take his life. And in the next eight years he did try again, four times total. And the last time he succeeded.” The story of Ester Leutenberg and her transition into becoming an author starts with a tragedy, yes, but there is still a positive side to…

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