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Journalistic Jewish geography

During the International Jewish Media Summit in Jerusalem last December, Arizona Jewish Life Contributing Editor Leni Reiss took advantage of the opportunity to ask several colleagues to briefly describe their publications. Their responses follow: “My material is distributed to every member of the American Jewish and foreign press. I have been reaching out for 29…


Sharing secrets

Arizona Jewish Life posed this question to long-married couples in our community: “What’s the secret to a long, happy marriage?” Here are their answers: “Rabbi Zalman Levertov says, “The key to a successful marriage is not trying to change each other and giving each other space – which is enhanced by the laws of family…


Preschoolers’ thoughts on marriage

We know kids say the funniest things, but what are their thoughts on marriage? Arizona Jewish Life asked the staff at the Early Childhood Center at the Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center in Scottsdale to ask some of their preschoolers their thoughts on marriage. The following are the questions and their answers: What…


Step-by-Step Jewish Wedding

The photographs on these pages show the key elements of a Jewish wedding with short explanations accompanying them. The three essential elements of a wedding are the signing of the ketubah, the giving of the ring(s) and the yichud (seclusion). Under the chuppah, two ceremonies take place: Erusin (betrothal), also known as Kiddushin (sanctification), and…


Say Yes to Which Dress?

A bride’s wedding day is a major fashion opportunity. But before she can pick her gown, she needs first to identify her bridal style. Some brides want to look haute chic with a couture silhouette and bold details, while others prefer to be understated in a clean, sleek style. Deciding to look romantic, sexy, classic…

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