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Holiday Gift Guide

DAVINES HOLIDAY GIFT SET Give the gift of healthy hair to someone you love. $65 EmmiDSalonSpa.com   MAZEL TOV GIFTS The largest Chanukah selection in Arizona. Menorah $329 480-922-0250   GRATITUDE GLASS JAR Begin each day recording all that you are grateful for. Create a jar of memories that celebrates the joy of being alive….


Food thoughts for holiday parties

With holiday parties in abundance this month, thoughts inevitably turn to food. What should you take your hostess? Food and drink to share? Or maybe a thank you gift? A bottle of wine is always a nice choice. Why not try something a little different? Bring a festive bottle of HoneyRun Winery’s Cranberry Honeywine to…


The best gift ever

Arizona Jewish Life’s Contributing Editor Leni Reiss asked people “What was the best Chanukah present you have received?” From precious time with family to adding to a cherished collection, here are their responses: “When I was six I got a puppy – Scotty – a black and white mixed Collie and German Shepherd. After several…


Chanukah Tales

All Jewish holidays begin with a good story. Passover depicts Moses facing off against Pharaoh, and Purim features Mordechai and Esther prevailing over the wicked Haman. Chanukah boasts a particularly compelling narrative with its epic tale of freedom versus tyranny. The underdog Maccabees managing to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and the subsequent…

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