Daily Archives: January 13, 2021


Paradox Acquires Israeli Chatbot Spetz.io

Photo: The Spetz team is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Spetz was founded by three classmates in an entrepreneurial accelerator program in 2017. (Photo courtesy Business Wire) Paradox, the leading conversational AI platform helping global talent acquisition teams automate recruiting tasks like screening, interview scheduling, and candidate communications, announced today the acquisition of Spetz.io, an…


Bollards, a solo exhibit by Daniel Friedman

A new exhibit titled “Bollards,” a solo exhibit by Daniel Friedman, opened January 8 at Five15Arts @ Chartreuse at 1301 NW Grand Ave. in Phoenix. Trump’s border wall “is a taxpayer-subsidized monument to xenophobia and ignorance. The flimsy justifications for the ineffective wall, based on racism, cruelty and an idiotic campaign promise,” inspired the series…

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