A Breath of Fresh Air Comes to Scottsdale

Pictured above: Susan Ginsberg working one-on-one with a client during a “Relaxy Hour” breathing session.

If there’s one activity in life we don’t think we’ll ever need any help with or proper instruction for, it’s breathing. After all, from the very first day we’re born, we know the correct way to breathe, right?

It turns out that many of us do, in fact, need a little help and professional instruction when it comes to “proper breathing.” There’s now a wonderful, new business in Scottsdale called Stop and Breathe that specializes in teaching people proper breathing methods, deep breathing, relaxation exercises, and visualization techniques. It’s amazing to learn just how important and healing relaxation and breathing can be.

Owned by Susan Ginsberg, a long-time, certified yoga and meditation instructor who recently moved with her husband from Chicago to Scottsdale, Stop and Breathe succeeds in helping people of all ages combat stress, insomnia, high blood pressure, chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, social anxiety disorder, and many other health-related issues. Ginsberg’s soothing and calming voice also provides much-needed stress-reduction and emotional support to cancer and surgical patients in hospitals and those who are experiencing stressful transitions in their lives such as divorce, the death of a loved one, or those suffering from PTSD.

A gifted teacher and communicator, Ginsberg has trained and certified hundreds of yoga instructors, therapists, teachers, and health care providers on how to teach others to breathe and relax to combat stress and anxiety.

“I founded Stop and Breathe in Chicago many years ago to help others literally ‘find their breath’ and experience comfort and relief during very stressful moments in their lives,” says Ginsberg. “Helping people learn healthy breathing techniques and establishing a personal wellness regime for them brings me a great deal of joy and I’m very excited to continue my therapeutic breathing work here in Arizona.”

Now working out of her beautiful, spa-like home office space in Scottsdale, Ginsberg offers 60-minute, one-on-one “Relaxy Hour” breathing and relaxation sessions to individuals. She also provides group breathing workshops to seniors living in nursing homes and residential communities and can help employees at small companies and large corporations learn how to manage stress and anxiety in their personal or professional lives. Her corporate workshops for employees teach healthy breathing, relaxation strategies, visualization techniques, and insomnia support in a group setting.

”In the beginning, when I first started my breathing work with people in hospitals, one of my students who was battling breast cancer told me that not only were the breathing techniques I was giving her instrumental in her cancer fight, she told me that they were also very useful in helping her to cope during chemotherapy treatments, radiation and surgeries,” she recalls. “I then felt compelled to share my valuable breathing techniques with many others who were in need of comfort and inner peace during turbulent and stressful moments.”

The cost of Ginsberg’s individual Relaxy Hour sessions are $100 for the initial, 75-minute session which includes a phone or email consultation before hand and a custom-made, essential oils blend that she personally creates for every client. Cost of the sessions is then $80 per hour after that.

For more information about Stop and Breathe or to schedule an individual or group session, call Ginsberg at 480-388-2780 or visit stopandbreathe.org








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