Articles by Michael Fox


Jews receive a mixed welcome at “Downton Abbey”

Jewish characters finally joined the impeccably attired throng at “Downton Abbey,” and it’s not an altogether happy day. While Lord and Lady Grantham welcome the new arrivals with exquisite manners and the perfectly calibrated amount of modest warmth, series creator and writer Julian Fellowes is a good deal less hospitable. Fellowes has devised a nuclear…

Film Review: Hello, I Must Be Going

The word “plastics” is never uttered in the coming-of-age dramatic comedy Hello I Must Be Going. It’s kind of a shame, for Sarah Koskoff’s wry, poignant screenplay evokes The Graduate in so many other ways. Both films unfold in Jewish homes headed by self-absorbed parents and located in upper-middle-class enclaves. Tellingly, none of the assimilated…

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