Articles by Michael Fox


Roth’s autobiographical ‘Indignation’ reaches the screen

For his directorial debut, veteran producer and writer James Schamus chose a Philip Roth novel set during a turning point in the Jewish-American experience. “Indignation” unfolds in 1951, when opportunities and prospects for young Jewish professionals were just beginning to expand. “Indignation” opened Friday, July 29, in various markets and opens Aug. 4 at Shea…


Yiddish cabaret numbers elevate “To Life”

Ruth Weintraub has mastered the art of keeping her Jewish past at bay. But now, evicted from her beloved Berlin apartment of 35 years and placed in ugly, unwelcoming public housing, she opts to stop struggling. Jonas is nearly half a century younger and less skilled at evading the future (and his girlfriend). So he…

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