Articles by Stevie Mack


Lisa Levinson and her new biz

The Bakery Phx features organic, local ingredients It’s said that the word delicious has its root in the Old French delicious and the more modern French term delicieux, so it is only fitting that one of the most mouth-watering places you will ever stumble upon, The Bakery Phx, took root in a Montreal kitchen. Lisa…


Andara: Vibrant Senior Living

One might speculate that the majority of seniors in this country are scared speechless about growing older. If that’s the case, people living at Andara, a senior living community in Scottsdale, are definitely in the minority. Andara is a beautiful community that provides full-time assistance to those who need it. Whether it’s assisted living, short-term…


Wanna Talk Israel? Check out this App

Amir Give’on is a pretty smart guy. Just ask his classmates at Princeton, or at Cal Tech, or co-workers at NASA. He’s also passionate about Israel and connecting Israelis with Jewish Americans. Now he has used his entrepreneurial bent and his technical knowledge to help others be more savvy advocates for the Jewish homeland. With…

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