Empowered Women


Finding the perfect match

By MyTopMatchMaker Karen Stein What are the five things you look at most closely when determining a “good match”? Similarities. I truly believe it’s not a make or break thing, but having similar interests just really helps, and having a common ground to stand on is a great igniter to a relationship. Spiritual or religious…


Tips for clean eating

Award-winning registered dietitian nutritionist, Cordon Bleu-certified chef and best-selling author Michelle Dudash has created recipes for busy moms struggling to feed their families nourishing meals while the clock is ticking. As an on-the-go working mom herself, Michelle understood early on that it is possible to cook like a chef while eating like a nutritionist, which…


Feel bold, learn to fight dirty

A couple of years ago, a now-retired Krav Maga instructor explained to me why the hand-to-hand combat techniques developed for the Israeli military are ideal skills for women’s self-defense. “There are no rules when you’re fighting for your life, so we teach ‘dirty fighting,’ striking vulnerable targets such as the eyes, nose, throat, groin, and…

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